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Wiko Microstar Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Wiko Microstar Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth The Wiko Microstar Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth is perfect for cleaning lenses, ports, even eyeglasses. Will not scratch. Reusable and washable,

Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters

Product: Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters

Specifications: Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters allow the photographer greater magnification than with the camera lens alone

PRICE: $61.00, either size - for 90mm or 100mm port front diameter
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The Nexus push-on closeup diopters give an additional .9x magnification, about equal to a screw-in +3 diopter, when placed over the port front. While underwater the diopter lens is easily pushed on over the port front or removed to allow return to the lens alone.
#CL-90 fits the Nexus 105mm Macro ports
#CL-100 fits the Nexus 60mm Macro Ports, Ikelite Macro Ports,and RS 50mm lens.
The Nexus diopters also come with a lanyard.


Powerline 4 Battery Charger

Product: Powerline 4 Chargers

Specifications: The Powerline 4 is a small and very light universal voltage battery charger that charges four AA or AAA NiMh or NiCd cells

PRICE: $65.00
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These chargers are the best we have found. We recommend them to anyone who regularly travels between locations with 120V and 240V current and 60 and 50 cycles. Just plug them in anywhere with voltage between 90 and 260 Volts and cycle frequency between 47 and 63 Hz and they will automatically detect the voltage and correctly charge the cells. The Powerline 4 will charge 1500 mAh NiMh AA cells in about three hours. In addition the Powerline 4 also has a discharge button for NiCd cells which will prevent the "memory" effect by discharging the NiCd cells down to the proper point before automatically beginning the charge cycle. Each cell charges independently in its own bay and each bay has a charging progress LED. The LED will also indicate a faulty cell at the beginning of the charge cycle. When a cell has reached its charge capacity the cell's charging bay switches to a trickle charge. The Powerline 4 charger has a US-style two prong plug on the back.


Sea Lite Focus and Dive Light

Product: Sea Lite Focus and Dive Light

Specifications: Sea Lite underwater dive lights are the perfect choice for a focus light or dive light for Nexus housings

PRICE: $14.95
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Sea Lite dive lights are the perfect focus light to use with the Nexus housing. They fit the Nexus Focus Light Holder #AE-FLU and attach to the Nexus Port Rings (see next news item below). They take four AA cells, either alkaline or rechargable, and have a detachable lanyard. They have a bright Xenon bulb and come with a spare bulb in the main bulb holder assembly inside the body of the light.
They come in black, #SL3404-B, or in yellow, #SL3404-Y.


Nexus Port Ring and Focus Light Holder

Product: Port Ring and Focus Light Holder

Specifications: THe Nexus Port Ring and Focus Light Holder is the perfect way to mount the Sea Lite focus and Dive light featured in the News Item above

PRICE: Port Ring $119-129 (depending upon size), and Focus Light Holder $56.00
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The Nexus Port Ring and Focus Light Holder is available in sizes to fit the different Nexus Macro and Multi Ports and they are priced from $119 to $129, depending upon the diameter needed. The Focus Light Holder, #AE-FLU - $56.00, attaches the Sea Lite SL-3404 light (shown, available in yellow or black for an additional $14.95) to the port ring vertical stay. The Port Ring comes with an extra, removable, vertical stay for attaching another accessory if desired.


Trident Underwater Laser Pointer

Product: Trident Underwater Laser Pointer

Specifications: The Trident Underwater Laser Pointer is useful in pointing out creatures without disturbing them.

PRICE: $34.95
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The Trident Underwater Laser Pointer is useful in pointing out creatures without disturbing them. Some fish are interested enough in the little red dot to approach and investigate it. The pointer is turned on and off by screwing and unscrewing the front lens element - no switches to fail. The Trident Underwater Laser Pointer is supplied with two AA batteries and a wrist lanyard.



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