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Ultralight Strobe Arm Products for Underwater Photography
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Ultralight Strobe Arms, Trays and Accessories for Underwater Photography
UltraLight Control Systems makes a very light weight arm system, possibly the lightest on the market. All arms and adapters have an O-ring in the ball. This greatly increases the friction forces at the clamps, so when underwater the clamp tension can be adjusted to allow easy adjustment of the arms for strobe positioning while at the same time holding the strobes in place. Tightening them even further keeps the arms and strobes in place when carrying the assembled camera rig to and from the water.

The retail price for one Complete Ultra Light Arm Set for Nexus is $235.00.

For two strobe photography, a second Complete Arm Set will be required.

Nexus America also stocks Ultra Light accessories for Nikonos - fixed single and double Nikonos trays and Nikonos pivot trays.

For the Nexus housings we recommend the following Complete UltraLight Arm Set: Nexus Housing with Ultralight Control System Arms
1. Dovetail Base #BA-AQ- Comes with stainless steel screws for easy mounting to the Nexus handles.
View the Baseplate Choices.
2. Two Double Ball Arm Segments in your choice of the following lengths:
  • 5"- #DB-05
  • 8"- #DB-08
  • 12"- #DB-12, or
  • 16"- #DB-16
8 inch segments are the most popular choice. View the Arm Segments.
4. Three clamp sets, #AC-CS or #AC-CSF (AC-CSF not recommended for large, heavy strobes). View the Clamp Sets.


- Add $20.00 for #AC-SEK Clamp Set with built-in Sekonic Light Meter Bracket. View the Sekonic Brackets.

- Add $29.95 - Use the Ikelite Remote TTL Slave with the Complete Arm Set - Requires:
1- #AC-TCS Triple clamp - $34.95 (substitute for 1- AC-CS)
1- #AD-TTL Ikelite TTL Remote Slave or Flash Controller Adapter - $24.95
View the TTL Slave Adapter Setup.

Strobe Adapter - Specify strobe manufacturer and model. View the Strobe Adapters.

Ultra Light Inon Strobe adapters now In Stock- $24.95 ea.

Other Ultra Light accessories that are very well matched to Nexus housings are:

AC-LR Lens Removal Tool for depressing the lens release button of the camera to change lenses without removing camera from housing - $7.95 Ultralight Lens Removal Tool
AC-FB Bracket to mount accessories such as dive lights or Sekonic Light Meter to Nexus housing handle - $12.95 Sekonic Mount.

Port Ring adapter to mount an Ultra Light Focus Light Holder to a Nexus Port Ring Vertical Stay - $24.95

Combined with a Clamp Set AC-CS or AC-CSF - $29.95 and a Focus Light Holder, either AC-USl or AC-USm - $32.95 ea.

UL BA-PR Port RIng Adapter

Additional Ultra Light items for housed cameras and Nikonos cameras can be found on the UltraLight Catalog page.


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